A piece of us

We are Mafoya Baloubi and Meaghan Dawson.

Cooking has always been a lifelong passion for my wife and I. We've always enjoyed the idea of making new blends and recipes to share with our family and friends as enthusiastic home

As we were getting ready to create a home-cooked meal for our Sunday brunch, which has become a bit of a family tradition, we decided to take a leap of faith.

As my wife went downstairs, she surveyed the kitchen to take a look at what ingredients we had to prepare a meal. After looking through every cabinet, cupboard, and refrigerator shelf, we decided to make an oven-roasted chicken.

Upon realizing that we didn't have much to work with, my wife decided that we would use every single spice available in our kitchen to season our meal. Much to our surprise, the chicken came out more delicious than expected.

In 2013, after realizing the success we stumbled upon that fateful afternoon, we decided to take our concept one step further and combined all of the seasonings we used and turned it into a consumable and purchasable product.